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Golden  Eagle(TongLing) Welding Materlals Co.,Ltd. is located in the scenic Tongling city, which is known as the origin of copper culture,  along the bank of beautiful and pleasant Yangtze River. In 2018, Tongling Hengyuan Copper,Beijing Minmetals and Beijing Golden Eagle jointly set up this new production base with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. The production base has first-class production and manufacturing equipment and professional technical research and development team, which facilitated the annual production capacity of 3000 tons copper alloy welding materials. We expect to meet the needs of copper alloy welding for our domestic and foreign customers.

The company produces Copper, silicon bronze, aluminium bronze, Tin Phosphorus bronze, zinc white copper, tin brass and other copper alloy series welding materials. These products are widely used in automobile, metallurgy, shipping, chemicals, electric power, petroleum and other industries. With many years experiences working together with our users, the company owned a mature and reliable copper alloy welding material manufacturing process, which will render our customers high-quality, reliable and stable copper alloy series welding products as well as thoughtful and deliberated services. The company has well-known professional and technical domestic team, we are sincerely looking forward to serve and communicate with all users further. We will be dedicated to the user's consideration, to design and provide serve copper alloy welding materials for our users, and to create a broader market for this industry. "Accurate, 





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